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Dongming Preface

Here is the native place of Zhuang-tse which carries forward the brightness and honor of Taoist culture; here is the ¡°Land of watermelons in China¡± in which green fields are breeding new lives and harvesting hopes; here is a newly emerging Petrochemical Industrial Base in which the vigorousness and ambition of accelerated development and scientific development are being demonstrated.
Dongming County, the first county the Huanghe River meets up in Shandong Province ,is Located in the southwest of Shandong province and has jurisdiction over 7 towns,6villages,1provincial economic and technical development zone and 389 administrative villages. It has a population of 755,000 and occupies a total area of 1370 square kilometers. This is a place full of nature¡¯s treasures and outstanding people; a place where the five overlords in Spring and Autumn period met and be famous world over since then; a place where in the home village of Zhuangzi, which is a great sensation among ancient people and a fame for modern ones; a place where is the Land of watermelons in China and be famous around the world for a long time; a place where is famous in China or home of Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese painting and calligraphy and Chinese opera. Dongming has an abundant product resources of petroleum, natural gas and a wide variety of agricultural products in large number and great quality; It has a convenient traffic and has always been referred to as ¡°a crossroad of three provinces¡± since ancient times, and it is now the golden channel for the interflow of people, goods, materials, capital and information among Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui Provinces; it is a place rich in water and electricity supply. The Huanghe river has a span of 67 kilometers in the county so that it can provide a rich amount of available surface water and underground water, therefore, an adequate water and electricity supply is guaranteed for production and life of the whole county.
In recent years, the Dongming county Party committee and the county government insist to take the scientific outlook on development as the guideline to command the overall situation, by seizing the two opportunities of Bring Breakthrough to Heze and Construct Economic Belts in Southern Shandong which are brought up provincial Party committee and provincial government, to create Shandong Petrochemical Base by self-compression and with the spirit of striving for success. The economy of the county is presenting a sustained, rapid and sound development condition,and one outstanding achievement after another is being made. Dongming County has become a developed economic area which is suitable for investment from a cultural city with a long history .A shinning pearl embedded on the Huanghe River is Dongming.


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